Who the F*UCK is Mr. van Kuyk?

“I contain Multitudes”

Walt Whitman Stephan van Kuyk

Stephan van Kuyk is a versatile creative whose work defies conventional categorization, seamlessly navigating between fine art, commercial art, and visual design.

With his distinct neon-tropicalist style, he consistently produces captivating pieces that transcend traditional categorization.

What does he do?

Stephan van Kuyk is a versatile artist, curator, and art dealer who offers collaborative opportunities in the art world. With expertise in guiding artists, connecting collectors with unique artworks, and collaborating with businesses on custom art projects, Stephan brings a wealth of artistic insight and experience. Through speaking engagements and workshops, he shares valuable insights to inspire and empower artists and creative professionals. Stephan van Kuyk is passionate about fostering artistic growth and bringing artistic visions to life through collaboration.

Where is he from?

Born in Basel, Switzerland, he began a journey that would shape his life. At the age of 2, his family relocated to Auckland, New Zealand. When he was 6, they moved to Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, where he attended junior school.

Seeking higher education, at 18, he made his way to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Initially studying Marketing, he then explored the field of Graphic Design and ultimately found his calling in Fine Arts. Although he didn’t complete any of these university programs, each experience contributed to his artistic path.

In 2015, at the age of 27, he was drawn to the vibrant city of Berlin. When asked about his decision to move there, he simply replies, “A friend told me Berlin was cool!”

How can you work together?

Stephan van Kuyk offers collaborative opportunities across various artistic endeavors. He provides guidance to artists, helping them refine their practice and navigate the art world. Stephan’s keen eye connects collectors with unique artworks that resonate with their vision. He also collaborates with businesses, creating custom art installations and captivating visuals. Stephan shares his insights through speaking engagements and workshops, inspiring artists and creative professionals. Reach out to explore working together and bring your artistic aspirations to life.

Reach out to stephan@vankuyk.art

Where to find him?

+49 178 4386632


With a creative journey spanning over a decade, Stephan has devoted himself to the world of visual art. Currently based in Berlin, he channels his artistic vision into crafting vibrant tropical artworks that captivate collectors and brands alike.


Stephan overcame hurdles in the traditional art world by creating his own exhibition opportunities and supporting fellow artists. With a background in curating and dealing art, he vowed to assist artists, collectors, and businesses, fostering connections and promoting artistic growth.

Let’s stay in touch

+49 178 4386632