Art Consultant

Stephan van Kuyk

Art Consultant

I help Artists, Art Buyers, and Art Businesses find their unique place in the art world.

The artworld is not an easy place to get into. It thrives in its lack of opacity and is in a lot of scenes a ‘closed club’ this perception of exclusivity only rises the prices and continues to perpetuate the myth that art is only for the rich.

This is a notion that we need to abolish, making the art world a place that can include more and more diverse players.

For Artists

Support for artists in all points of their career.

Helping creatives better navigate the business side of their practice, so they can focus on creating amazing art.

For Art Buyers

Helping you start your art collection.

Collecting art is a labor of love, we help collector find art they’ll love.

For Art Businesses

Business savvy solutions for your art business.

Helping museum, galleries and institutions find a stable footing between the business world and the art world.

My Podcast.

Over 2020 I started interviewing artists and other people from the art world and distributing these conversations as podcasts in an effort to connect with artists in a time of need.

On Video Format.

I love making short videos showing some of the behind scenes of my art practice, as well as showing how I manage my exhibitions and art sales. Sharing is caring.

Public Speaking.

Public speaking came into my life almost by accident, by no means it was something I thought about pursuing but once I got into it, I fell head-over-heels for it. When I was younger, I wanted to be a rock-star and play guitar solos in front of thousands… This is as close as I got.

My topics of my talks are: #Art, #ArtBusiness, #CreativeEntrepreneuship and #CreativeEmpowerment

I’ve given talks in over a dozen cities in a handful of countries.
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My Book.

In 2018 I published my first book: How to sell art online. 

I wrote it to help artists create their own, tailor-made strategy to create their own audience, promote their art, and create sales opportunities completely online, allowing them to connect with art lovers worldwide.

For Artists.

I am an artist too. For over a decade I’ve been creating, exhibiting, and selling art all over the world. Sharing what I learned over these years with other artists has always been important for me.

For this, I regularly advise artists on how to create their own strategies and workflows to grow their career.

Artist Stop Being Poor!

An online club for artists created in 2018, it’s become a place where artists across the globe can meet up to talk about their art practices.

Includes weekly meetings, networking, resources, and an art shop.

Join the club today!

Artist representation.

Over the years I’ve selected a group of artists to work closely to.

For those artists, I procure exhibitions and sales opportunities within my network.


I regularly host events to artworks I love, since 2010 I’ve organized over 50 of these events. They vary in size and location, so each time you’ll be faced with new artists in a new environment.

For Art Buyers.

Looking to buy your first artwork and don’t know where to start? I would love to help!

Let’s talk and find together some art you’ll love! Assessing your own preference in style, technique, and price point into finding an artwork that is your exact match.

Drop me an email,

For Art Businesses.

Independent if you run a gallery, artist-collective, or a non-profit it’s still an ART-BUSINESS and should be run as such, unfortunately, a lot of people in the artworld art good at the art-side but not so good in the business-side, that’s why I’m here, to help your business run smoothly.

Social media

Development of strategies, enhancing the online presence and outreach using on analytics to adjust and adapt the strategy.


Management of art featured on third-party platforms to creating a multi-channel sales strategy.


Creating connections to specialized media with releases and marketing materials for outreach. Forming long-term partnerships.

Email Marketing

Creating engaging newsletters that your audience will love as well as creating strategies to consistently grow your list.

Artist Relations

Maintaining healthy relationships with the artist rooster, as well as scouting for fitting artists to establish connections.

Business Dev

Assessing opportunities to further your art-business by tracking possible partnerships.


Develop press connections to specialized media outlets. Creating releases and marketing materials for press outreach.


Your art business is unique, your strategy should be unique too. Let’s talk about the best way to build a workflow that fit your needs.


An overview of my latest projects in curation, publication, and events.

My First NFT!

Being invited to a NFT exhibition, that ended selling up…

Take Over

In August 2017, I was offered the opportunity to organize…


MAGMA – Art Exhibition One of the greatest exhibitions I…


Participation in the Marte Feria in 2016, I took full…

Room art Fair

Participation in the Room Art fair in Madrid in behalf…

Hybrid Art Fair

Participation in the Madrid art fair: Hybrid. A great chance…


I curate a lot of exhibitions.
Over 50 exhibitions in 6 countries and two continents so far.


100 Photos #2
Group show – Berlin

100 Photos #1
Group show – Berlin

Corona Auction
Art auction – Berlin


Berlin Photo Club #3
Photography Exhibition – Berlin

Berlin Photo Club #2
Photography Exhibition – Berlin

Berlin Photo Club #1
Photography Exhibition – Berlin


Azucar: pocket exhibition #5
Group show @ Art und Weise

Azucar: pocket exhibition #4
Group show @ Art und Weise

Azucar: pocket exhibition #3
Group show @ Art und Weise


Group show – Berlin

Azucar Pocket show #2
Group Show Gift Raum – Berlin

Take Over  
Street art festival – Barcelona

Pop up the Jam
Art fair – Brussels


Azucar: pocket exhibition #1
Group show @ Art und Weise

Azucar Ga2lery | Berlin – Grand Opening
Group show @ Azucar Berlin

Summer selection II
Group Show @ Art von Frei

Art Fair Madrid – Spain

2010 – 2015

The last tango
Group Show Casa A – Jun 2015

Bye Bye Buenos Aires
Solo Show Korova Gallery – May 2015

Azucar Reality vision
Group Show Centro Cultural el Colectivo – Feb 2015

Azucar Street ART
Group Show Centro Cultural el Colectivo – Jan 2015

Azucar at Arte Dos
Group Show Arte dos – December 2014

Azucar @ EGGO art fair Art Fair
C. Cultural Recoleta – October 2014

Azucar Visits Black Hat
Group Show Black Hat Bar – August 2014

Azucar Visits patio del Liceo
Group Show Patio del Liceo – May 2014

Art Luján
Group Show Comarcas de Luján – April 2014

Azucar MAG audiovisual channel
Group Show La Oreja Negra – March 2014

Teko van Kuyk: Golden Hits
Solo Show Patio del Liceo – December 2013

Azucar #6
Group Show Azucar Gallery 41 – November 2013

Azucar Presents: Digital art
Group Show Azucar Gallery 41 – August 2013

Trastienda Dulce
Group Show Azucar Gallery 41 – June 2013

Grand Opening: Azucar Gallery
Group Show Azucar Gallery 41 – May 2013

Mattone Happening
Group Show Mattone Gallery – April 2013

Mattone + Bolivia
Group Show Mattone Gallery – March 2013

Azucar #4
Group show – Comuna – Brazil – Feb 2013


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