Pineapples in Technicolor

A new body of work, ready for mass consumption in the art world.

The artist brand Teko van Kuyk continues innovating and pushing the boundaries of fruit-based art. No other artist in history has been as productive when it comes to using pineapples as the center of their art practice.

His ongoing series of pineapple-art deal with the misconception that South American countries are only as valuable as their fruit exports, that the so-called ‘banana republics’ play no real value in international trade, designated to their role as fruit exported, and that they should be happy to be allowed to play at all…

It started as a joke, but the artist became, himself, one of these ‘fruit exporters’.

Upon leaving his homeland in South America, he figured it would be ‘funny’ to move to Europe only to produce fruit-based art and sell it in the European art market, making fun of their idea of ‘the exotic Latin artist’.

Pineapples in Technicolor is a new series of works, growing upon previous works related to pineapples. In this case, the art takes the form of spray-painted fruit, photographed on a white background, giving them the feeling of flying fruits.

No fruit was wasted in the production of this series, all used fruit became cocktails.

The artworks come in a limited edition of 15 copies, printed in paper of thickness: 10.3 mil And 189 g/m 2, with an Adler-wood frame and acrylic protector, all the hanging gear is included

Artworks come with a digital Certificate of Authenticity and ready to hang.

Single Pineapple

One single pineapple to rule them all. A good place to start your… Choose the motif you like the best and get it delivered to your home ready to hang.

30×40 CM – 97 EUR
50×70 CM – 127 EUR

Pineapple Wall

Go big or go home, right? Use this option to create a statement wall and show your true love to the pineapple way of life!

9 Artworks in 30×40 – 799 EUR
9 Artworks in 50×70 – 999 EUR

Available Motif’s