This is not an #NFT

A solo show by Stephan van Kuyk

About the exhibition

This is not an #NFT is the latest solo-show by Berlin artist Stephan van Kuyk, haven taken place from the 8th of October 2022 till the 21st of January 2023.

The show centered around a new body of works, pop and ironic like most of the artist’s oeuvre, drawing inspiration from everyday life and the internet.

A very serious exhibition not intended to be taken seriously at all.

The Artist

Stephan van Kuyk is a Berlin-based artist, with a career spanning over a decade.

Initially starting in street art in 2010 in Buenos Aires, he quickly starting building a network of artists and hosting self-organizing art exhibitions.

Since then, he has taken steps to take his career to an international stage, moving to Berlin in 2015.

Stephan’s work has been featured in more than 100 exhibitions across the world. His art is part of prestigious art collections worldwide.

The Artworks

The exhibition featured a selection of almost 100 artworks in a wide array of styles, paintings, digital works, tape art and laser cut wall pieces combined to showcase the versatility of the artist.


Snapshots of the exhibition, its opening event and finissage.

Video Tour + 3d scan

To help my fans experience the show independent of where they are, I created a video tour and a 3d scan of the exhibition. This is a great way to keep information on the exhibition for posterity.

Full Catalog

Neon Gods

A series of portraits of deities from different cultures, reimagined as pop icons.
Is nothing seared anymore?

Nostalgia Sounds

A series of works inspired by the sound effects from the original Batman tv series, capitalizing on a sense of nostalgia.

Pop pourri

A mood-board from my subconscious mind. Different elements from various background and sources, made into laser-cut wall sculptures in vibrant colors.

Greek gods

A series of paintings Baden on what shows up when you Google “Greek god statue stock image royalty free”. Search engines are the ultimate tool of inspiration.

This is not an #NFT

This is the series of works that provided the name of the exhibition. It comes from then incredulity of visitors upon seeing my new series, enquiring if the new works would be NFT’s as well. They were not.

Galactic Paintings

A series of paintings from a time far far ago. A mix of futurism and nostalgia makes these works so interesting.