Who the F*UCK 
 is Mr. van Kuyk? 

Stephan van Kuyk is an artist, art consultant, talk show host,
visual designer, and marketing adviser.

He also founded and runs online communities for artists.
As well as writing and publishing several articles and
books aiming to help artists grow their career.  


Stephan van Kuyk has been creating artwork under the alias Teko van Kuyk for over 10 yeares.

Teko van Kuyk’s works deal with his latent Latin influences. He was born in Switzerland and after a short time living in New Zealand, he went to live in Latin America, first for 15 years in Brazil and then 9 in Argentina, where he began to invest strongly in his art career. Over the span of 6 years, he took part in more than 60 group shows and 5 solo shows.

NFT Consultant. 

A decade of experience as an artist and curator, combined with another decade of experience in marketing and designed combined when NFT came into the picture.

Stephan now works in multiple crypto and NFT projects, helping develop their vision and community.

 Art Consultant. 

Combining his true love for art with vast experience as a curator and art dealer, Stephan decided to start his own art consulting agency.

Aiming to provide assistance and know-how to artists, collectors, and businesses. 

 Talk Show Host. 

Since 2018 Stephan produces and hosts the tv show Berlin After Dark.

Berlin After Dark is a talk show featuring “Conversations With Creators”. Find out what’s behind Berlin’s creative minds!

With new episodes on a monthly basis, we invite creators and musical guests to share their story and help us to explore the cultural scene of The Capital and surroundings.

Full episodes.

 Design & Marketing. 

He has been designing professionally since 2019. On this decade-long lasting affair, he covered basically every area possible of design.

Print designs such as flyers, posters, and cards. Digital design in the form of websites, apps, video, and multimedia design.

Now he works as a design consultant for several brands across the world, helping them establish a clear visual communication strategy.

 Community builder. 

In 2017 he accidentally started a community called ARTIST STOP BEING POOR, when invited to give a speech he actually found an audience looking for actual advice on how to grow and empower their art careers.

This evolved into a series of talks, an online community and a book about selling art online.

Where does he come from?

He was born in Basel – Switzerland,
at age 2 he moved to Auckland – New Zealand
where his sister, Manouk, was born.

At age 6 his whole family moved to Petropolis – Rio de Janeiro,
where he attended jr. school (at which he sucked).

When he was 18 he moved to Buenos Aires – Argentina
to pursue higher education. He studied initially Marketing,
then Graphic Design and finally Fine Arts.

He did not accomplish to finish any of these universities.

In 2015 at the age of 27, he moved to Berlin. Mainly because:
“One friend told me Berlin was cool!”