Mural for Nordinski Kultur Kontakt

In August 2022, I had the incredible opportunity to create a captivating tape art mural for the offices of Nordinski Kultur Kontakt and Tape Over in Helsinki. It was a thrilling adventure, showcasing the unique possibilities of tape as an artistic medium. Inspired by traditional Finnish gods, and reinterpreted with a modern vision, the mural featured these mythical figures floating gracefully over a vibrant LGBT+ rainbow. It was a powerful symbol of inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and embracing the spirit of unity.

Alongside the mural, I also had the honor of leading a week-long workshop, sharing the secrets of tape art with talented international artists. Together, we explored the transformative power of art and the limitless potential of tape as a medium of expression. It was a truly inspiring experience, as we combined our creative energies to bring our visions to life.